failures throughout the Years

  • iOS-

    • Date Year 1980 Crash

    • Arabic Text Crash

    • Video Crash

    • "A�" instead of "i"

  • iPhone 5 - Power Button & Battery Drain

  • iPhone 6 Plus -

    • Multi Touch- First blamed customers for "bending" or dropping their devices and because of the backlash issued a "recall" stating a "SMALL" number of devices were affected. They made the recall only to select devices and when a customer was to face this issue while still in warranty Apple would require them to pay the out of pocket $329.99 to replace it.                       After 90% of devices were out of warranty Apple has made it that customers are to pay $149.99 lCD Replacement cost and recieve a replacement instead. Those said replacements still had the dreaded Multi-touch failure and would cause a customer to repeat  the visit to get another replacement.  

    • Camera Lens-

  • iPhone 6s

    • Camera Lens

    • Unexpected shut down

    • Battery Drain

  • iPhone 7/7Plus - Home Button

  • iPhone 8/8Plus -

    • Overheating - It caused devices to implode inside the sealed new box