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Repair Services We Offer

Cell Phones

Water Damage

Devices which may have been accidentally dropped into water or may have had liquid dropped on to it.

We are able to repair or replace those devices and possible retrieve information on said device.

Cloud Activation Lock

Reactivation lock lets you use your Samsung account to prevent others from activating your device if it's ever lost or stolen. With Reactivation lock turned on, you will be required to enter your Samsung account credentials prior to performing a factory reset on the device, so your Samsung account login should be something you can easily remember.
We are able to unlock your device remotely using its serial number or IMEI number. THIS IS NOT A BYPASS this is a FULL PERMANENT UNLOCK directly through the manufacturer.

Cracked LCD

What is a Cracked/Shattered screen? It can be very dangerous. Using a device that has a broken glass can cause injury. It may be also a ink-like image on the screen or no image at all.



We are able to remove the broken LCD assembly and replace it with an ORIGINAL screen directly ordered from the manufactuerer.

Blacklist Removal

What is Blacklist? Blacklist is when an owner reports a devices lost or stolen with a carrier or insurance agency. (Ex: AT&T or Assuiron) It is reported using an IMEI/ESN.



We are able to contact the company in which it was reported and either have the company issue a replacment or have the IMEI Repaired.

Factory Unlocks

What is unlocking? This allows you to choose the carrier in which you use your phone with, regardless of the carrier the phone was purchased from.



We are able to unlock your device using either an over the air unlock or by providing you with a special unlock code giving you access to use another carrier on the device.

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